Designed for Sustainability

What We Provide

TRIDO provides integrated carbon credit management services to our customers, including carbon credit documentation, registration, auditing and certification. TRIDO facilitates and manages all sizes of carbon emission reduction credit sales.


Our products provide the ability to quantify carbon emission reduction results, certified by internationally recognized registries while also generating passive cash flow for the certifiable period (up to 10 years) and improving company valuation.
For us at TRIDO, on top of the environmental and financial benefits, we believe
sustainable equipment options are simply the right thing to do.

TRIDO GHG Reduction Quantitative Method

Step 1 - Data Gathering

Pneumatic Devices Data

Gather manufacture and measurement data.
Document operating conditions and duration.


Provide evidence of old equipment, such as photos, logs and other relevant documentation.


Provide evidence of new equipment installation, such as photos, logs and other relevant documentation.

Step 2 - Carbon Credit Certification

GHG Reduction Credit Submission

Process documentation and write protocol.
Register locations and devices.
Submit application.

Annual Certification

TRIDO works with auditor to certify carbon credit (annual basis).

Step 3 - Carbon Credit Capitalization

Commissioned Management

Gather manufacture and measurement data.
TRIDO to manage credit trade (% commission). 1

Annual Purchase

TRIDO to purchase certified credit at a fixed price per ton every year. 2

1, 2 commission options are subject to a 12-month carbon price history and reputable future projection. Price and commission will be reviewed at the time of certification and on an annual basis.