The TRIDO Industries solar powered products are innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions to power the oil and gas industry.

Company History

TRIDO Industries began with the belief that the oil and gas industry has a responsibility to use environmental best practices for long-term sustainability. Setting into motion a company committed to provide high-quality solar power products supporting industry efforts to meet greenhouse gas goals using renewable resource technologies.


Since 2009

TRIDO Industries chemical injection pumps and air compressors have helped empower customers and deliver results.


Our products offer zero-vent technology, utilize one of the most powerful and reliable motors available and provide flexibility to integrate with ease into existing systems. And our patented control system is on the leading edge of today’s technology.

The TRIDO team of experienced industry professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and support from introductions to implementation.

We believe that every customer should never have to compromise when it comes to getting the results they demand.


We have made wholesale and significant changes to solar power of the past, to ensure our products deliver results with reliability and convenience. In fact, our motor technology was designed specifically to work with solar technology.