Credit Process

TRIDO’S Integrated End-to-End Carbon Credit Management Service

Trido designs equipment and builds systems with superior reliability by empowering operational performance and reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, we support our clients by providing integrated end-to-end carbon credit management services to manage the process of carbon credit trading including data capturing, auditing, certification, and marketing.

Trido’s services are designed to make the process of conversion a simple task for the producer. Our success is based on your success. Tracking and managing emission reduction programs can be very labour intensive and time consuming, making it difficult for smaller projects to be cost effective and larger projects hard to manage. Trido can manage large or small-scale projects, and with our tracking software and management system, it has never been easier to follow and trace the history of each end device allowing a completely effective data base for the customer. When changes or updates are required this information data base will allow for easy updates of those credit generating end device information.

Proven & Reliable

- Hands-off, trouble-free operations
- Lowers operating costs
- Reduces downtime

Reduces Emissions

- Lowers greenhouse gas emission intensity
- Demonstrates commitment to environmental sustainability
- Improves economic, social and governance (ESG) matrix

Certainty and Risk Mitigation

- Improved economics
- Financial and social benefits of voluntary compliance
- Reduces liability
- Increases company value

Generates Revenue

- No upfront capital expenditure required
- Generates additional income stream from existing assets

Carbon Credit Development Process

Trido Energy Service provides integrated carbon credit management services to our clients, including carbon credit documentation, registration, auditing and certification a well as facilitating and managing any volume of carbon credit sales through application of our robust greenhouse gas quantification method that leads clients through the carbon credit development process in three stages.

Stage 1 - Data Gathering

Pneumatic Devices Data

Gather manufacture and measurement data.
Document operating conditions and duration.


Provide evidence of old equipment, such as photos, logs and other relevant documentation.


Provide evidence of new equipment installation, such as photos, logs and other relevant documentation.

Stage 2 - Carbon Credit Certification

The timeframe for carbon credit certification can range from 6-12 months an includes the following:

GHG Reduction Credit Submission

Process documentation and write protocol.
Register locations and devices.
Submit application.

Annual Certification

Trido works with a third-party consultant to certify carbon credits (annual basis).

Stage 3 - Carbon Credit Capitalization

Financing / Commissioned Management

Gather manufacture and measurement data.
TRIDO to manage credit trade (% commission).

Annual Purchase

TRIDO to purchase certified credit at a fixed price per ton every year.